vernissage poster
poster design


The goal was to come up with an advertising / concept for the Band-Aid Ourtone line. By introducing a new tagline and ad designs for this specific product and target audience.


One of them being to convey a message while also keeping a simple design by using skin tones colors band-aids as the objects. The challenge that we had to overcome during this process was how we wanted to communicate the message to the demographic that we were trying to reach. What was the message that we wanted to tell the consumer so they can come to buy the project.


Going through different techniques such as illustration scanning of the actual products and also exploring different taglines for the campaign. The colors were a big inspiration for the campaign and we want to use symbols that showcase coming together, love, and community by using band-aids.


The first step was to figure out our message, so we explored different taglines and we wanted to also reintroduce the line. Then after we wanted to find different symbols that we can use to recreate with a band-aid so we sketched different options. As a group, we decided on the tryptic that we wanted to put together and we each explored different techniques, such as scanning, vector, and illustrations. We decided finally on vectors.


Through our exploration of skin tone colors and the incorporation of symbols with band-aids, we crafted a dis


Yuka Hu - for VFX