uv zhu
branding design

Final mock up of the advetisment


My goal is to create a remarkable logo and brand identity that perfectly complements the artist's vibrant and dynamic work. By incorporating eye-catching color combinations and innovative 3D elements, I aim to capture the essence of their artistic style and create a visual representation that truly stands out.


The challenge lay in crafting an identity for a mysterious artist who deliberately concealed their face and personal details, relying solely on their artwork for self-expression. Designing something that encapsulates their essence solely through their art posed a unique difficulty, but I embraced it as an opportunity for creative problem-solving. After careful consideration, I believe I successfully unraveled the puzzle and developed a solution that effectively captures the enigmatic nature of the artist's work.

Final ad 1
Final ad 2
Final ad 3


I embarked on a creative journey by exploring various logo designs and experimenting with different layout options to craft a compelling advertisement. In order to enhance the visual impact and bring a new dimension to the artwork, I decided to push my boundaries and delve into the realm of 3D art. By embracing this exciting challenge, I aimed to capitalize on the realistic textures of the images and break away from my comfort zone, resulting in a truly unique and captivating design.


The creative process began with the development of three distinct logo styles, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the brand. After careful consideration, I identified the most compelling option that truly resonated with the intended message. With the logo in place, I proceeded to explore various applications to showcase its versatility and impact. Selecting the appropriate mockups and color palettes played a crucial role in unifying the visual elements and creating a cohesive brand identity. Collaboration with a skilled 3D designer became instrumental in bringing the artist's vision to life through mesmerizing and unconventional 3D artworks. Continuous communication and exchange of ideas ensured the creation of captivating and awe-inspiring visuals that perfectly complemented the overall design.

Final book mockup
Final stationery mockup


I am genuinely thrilled and elated with the outcome of this project. It was an exhilarating experience that pushed me beyond my comfort zone, allowing me to rediscover the joy of designing. Exploring the possibilities of using AI for creating some of the artwork and exhibition pieces was not only exciting but also a valuable learning experience. This project has ignited a newfound passion for branding design within me, and I can envision myself pursuing this field in the future with unwavering enthusiasm.