nine inch nails
poster & packaging design

final vinyl and spread


The goal was to come up with an advertising / concept for the Band-Aid Ourtone line. By introducing a new tagline and ad designs for this specific product and target audience.


Embarking on this project presented a unique challenge as I delved into the realm of a musical genre that wasn't typically within my personal taste. However, my objective remained clear—to fuse my own artistic inclinations with the distinct style of Nine Inch Nails. To achieve this, I meticulously explored their band history, delving into their music and visuals. By carefully selecting and blending techniques and colors that resonated with both my own preferences and the band's aesthetic, I managed to create a design that beautifully merged our two worlds.

Markmaking one
markmaking 2
Markmaking 3


We dedicated numerous classes to honing our skills, allowing ample time for experimentation and mark-making using a diverse range of tools. Immersing ourselves in the creative process, we embarked on a journey of deep exploration. We listened to the album on repeat, deliberately exposing ourselves to its sounds in various settings to fully absorb its essence. Additionally, we delved into the realm of photography, harnessing its potential to enhance our designs. Our artistic arsenal expanded to encompass a multitude of typefaces, sizes, and colors, enabling us to craft a visually captivating composition that truly reflected our creative journey.

Final nine inch nails poster


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a stunning final product for both the poster and the vinyl design, characterized by a minimalist approach. We employed the expressive medium of watercolour to create mark-making that beautifully captured the essence of a "ghost's" ethereal presence, symbolizing the interconnectedness of what is visible and what remains unseen. To inject a touch of personality and excitement into the design, we boldly incorporated the colour pink, a deliberate departure from the group's typical aesthetic. This decision added a dramatic effect, allowing me to take a creative risk and infuse the project with my unique flair.