nan goldin
publication design

picture of the cover of the book with the custom sleeve


My ideas involved creating a coffee table book showcasing the exceptional work of American photographer Nan Goldin, accompanied by a meticulously designed book sleeve and cover. Inspired by Goldin's profound artistic vision, we curated a visually compelling experience. The coffee table book, adorned with an enticing sleeve and cover, serves as a treasured tribute to Goldin's remarkable talent, capturing the hearts of art enthusiasts and photography lovers.


My task was to design a layout that not only reflected Nan Goldin's unique style but also maintained a cohesive flow and concept throughout the entire book. Selecting the perfect photographs proved to be a challenging endeavor, as we sought to choose images that authentically captured Goldin's life, her artistic journey, and the profound experiences she encountered. We meticulously curated a collection that represented her compelling narrative, ensuring each picture seamlessly complemented the overall theme. It was a labor of love to create a layout that honored Goldin's remarkable work while providing a captivating visual journey that resonates with readers on a profound level.

A picture of a man smoking a cigrarette by the pool pic shoot by nan goldin
Picute of nana goldin with her back facing away from the camera
Two people in love kissing photo by nana goldin


Immersing ourselves in numerous documentaries about Nan Goldin's life and career, I embarked on a comprehensive journey to understand her story and the diverse range of projects she has undertaken. This in-depth exploration played a crucial role in shaping our book and its planning process. By delving into the rich tapestry of Goldin's experiences and accomplishments, we gained valuable insights that allowed us to incorporate her multifaceted journey into the book's design. The documentaries not only informed my layout decisions but also provided me with a deeper appreciation for Goldin's artistic evolution. As a result, my book seamlessly weaves together her life, career, and remarkable contributions, offering readers a comprehensive and enlightening glimpse into the world of this iconic photographer.


Inspired by Nan Goldin's personal journey, which encompasses her struggle with drug abuse and her current efforts in combatting the opioid pandemic, we embarked on a profound endeavor to create a book that encapsulates both her personal triumphs and her advocacy work. Drawing from her experiences, we meticulously curated a collection of photographs and narratives that poignantly reflect her resilience and dedication. The book serves as a powerful testament to Goldin's transformative path, shedding light on the devastating impact of drug addiction while offering hope and raising awareness about the ongoing opioid crisis. Our aim was to create a visually compelling and emotionally resonant journey that honors Goldin's personal story and her commitment to driving change.

example of page spreads

The challenge to overcome

Selecting the perfect images for this project posed a formidable challenge, involving meticulous sifting through an extensive collection of thousands of her photographs. Additionally, it entailed the pursuit of a suitable printing service capable of reproducing the unique characteristics inherent in her captivating visuals.


Drawing inspiration from the pill bottle, I embarked on crafting an extraordinary half sleeve design that embodies her unconventional spirit. To capture her essence, I chose one of her most evocative shots—a powerful image capturing a passionate kiss. Combining this arresting imagery with a sleek and polished layout reminiscent of editorial spreads, the resulting composition showcases her work to designers and magazines in a captivating and visually dynamic manner.