claude tousignant
motion graphics


Create a captivating and lively video that beautifully captures the essence of Claude Tousignant's work, while emphasizing a clean and sleek aesthetic through fluid and precise movements.


During the process of creating this video, I pushed myself to excel in the realm of motion videos. Despite the challenges I faced, I sought assistance, developed a concise storyboard, and conducted thorough research on Claude Tousignant, the artist who inspired me. The result exceeded my expectations, and I found immense satisfaction in the final outcome.

 shot fromt he clip
Shot from the clip
shot from the clip


My goal was to infuse the entire video with a funky and expressive atmosphere, and I'm thrilled to say that I successfully achieved it. By incorporating an array of vibrant and playful colors, I was able to create a visually captivating experience. These lively hues not only added a sense of fun but also heightened the expressive nature of the video, resulting in a truly dynamic and engaging final product.


Immersing myself in the vast array of the artist's works, I carefully handpicked pieces that possessed the potential to showcase captivating movements. I prioritized selecting artworks that seamlessly transitioned in and out of frames, ensuring a smooth flow between each segment. By curating these specific pieces, I achieved a visually compelling video that captivates viewers with its seamless and fluid transitions.


The end result was an impeccably crafted motion graphic video that masterfully captured the artist's unique voice while adding a delightful touch of funkiness. The video maintained a clean and polished aesthetic, flawlessly setting the desired tone while infusing it with an exciting and vibrant twist.