advertising design

band aid ads on the phone


Together with Abigail Jeroso and Kim Dubuc, we embarked on a dynamic group project aimed at creating a captivating advertising concept for the Band-Aid Ourtone line. Our mission was to develop a fresh tagline and innovative ad designs tailored specifically to our target audience.'


Our creative approach involved seamlessly integrating a powerful message with a visually stunning yet simplistic design. To achieve this, we ingeniously utilized band-aids in various skin tone colors as the central objects. Throughout the process, our major challenge was determining the most effective way to communicate our intended message to our target demographic. We meticulously crafted our advertising concept to convey a compelling narrative that would entice consumers to choose the Band-Aid Ourtone line.

Our message aimed to emphasize the product's inclusivity, showcasing its ability to cater to diverse skin tones and promote a sense of belonging and unity. By highlighting this important aspect, we aimed to inspire potential customers to embrace and support our project..

out of band aid
little community of bandais
two different coloured bad aid coming together


Our creative journey involved a meticulous exploration of various techniques, such as illustration scanning of the Band-Aid Ourtone products, to elevate the visual impact of our campaign. We delved into an extensive brainstorming process, crafting and refining multiple taglines that would resonate deeply with our target audience. The vibrant colors found in the Band-Aid Ourtone line became a pivotal source of inspiration, guiding the overall aesthetic of our campaign. We strategically incorporated symbols that beautifully portrayed unity, love, and community, cleverly leveraging band-aids as powerful visual representations. By intertwining these elements harmoniously, our advertising concept came to life, capturing the essence of togetherness and fostering a profound sense of belonging and support within our campaign.


Our initial focus was on crafting a compelling message, leading us to explore various taglines while reintroducing the product line. Next, we sought out symbols that could be recreated using band-aids, sketching multiple options. As a group, we collectively decided on a triptych concept, with each of us experimenting using different techniques like scanning, vector art, and illustrations. Ultimately, we agreed on using vectors, as it best aligned with our vision.

The posters in.a mock up by the metro


Through our exploration of skin tone colors and the incorporation of symbols with band-aids, we crafted a distinctive vector illustration accompanied by a concise yet impactful tagline, inviting customers to "meet the our tone." The end result was a sleek and polished design created using vectors, ensuring its versatility and scalability. This captivating design will be prominently displayed throughout the city, on buses and metros, effectively capturing the attention of passersby and generating widespread awareness for the Band-Aid Ourtone line.


Our exceptional final product is an immaculate design created with meticulous precision using vectors. This visually stunning masterpiece will adorn buses and metros across the city, captivating commuters with its clean lines and captivating aesthetics. Its pervasive presence will leave an indelible impression, generating widespread recognition for the Band-Aid Ourtone line and affirming our campaign's resounding success in reaching a vast audience.